Welcome to MomRemod! We’re Sno E. and Emily, the Denver-based Interior Design Mom duo with a fiery entrepreneurial spirit and passion for home renovation. In these pages we’ll share what we’ve learned from motherhood, home investments, renovations, and a whole lot more! Follow us on our journey as we transform homes and neighborhoods  …and don’t hesitate to contact us!


Sno E. Mom Remod

Sno E.- Interior Designer & Founder

In 2010 my hubby & I purchased our first home – calling it a ‘fixer upper’ is putting it lightly. As a result I learned firsthand what steps to take in order to truly make a house a home. Fast forward a couple years and we embarked upon a new adventure: parenthood. As a mother, real estate professional, blogger and avid millennial, I take a completely different approach to renovating and managing our properties. Tapping into my newly-minted motherly instincts I work to create warm living environments that are soothing to the senses but also extremely functional.



Emily- Interior Designer & Partner

Hi! I’m Emily, British wife of Shea and Mother to Savannah (6) and Balthazar (3)! To say that I am interior design obsessed would be an understatement. Over the years I’ve remodeled historic properties in London and brought Boulder, Colorado houses from blah to Ah!

In my free time I love to cook and travel and spend quality time with my kiddos. I’m always dreaming up my next house project! You may never guess by looking at me but I speak fluent Spanish. Just one of the many ways I love to surprise people. I feel I LIVE to make houses BEAUTIFUL!



Follow us on our journey…and don’t hesitate to contact us!


-Sno E. & Em