Sno E. Mom Remod

Welcome to MomRemod! I’m Sno E., a new mother with a fiery entrepreneurial spirit and passion for home renovation. In these pages I’ll share what I’ve learned from motherhood, home investments, renovations, and a whole lot more!

In 2010 my hubby & I purchased our first home – calling it a ‘fixer upper’ is putting it lightly. As a result I learned firsthand what steps to take in order to truly make a house a home. Fast forward a couple years and we embarked upon a new adventure: parenthood. As a mother, real estate professional, blogger and avid millennial with her investment head on straight, I take a completely different approach to renovating and managing our properties. Tapping into my newly-minted motherly instincts I work to create warm living environments that are soothing to the senses but also extremely functional.

Regardless of what strikes your fancy, you’re bound to have fun! So poke around…and don’t hesitate to contact me!