Dear Women,
Most of you may not know, but I earned my degree from UCLA in Women’s Studies. On the surface it may seem as though the study of the psyche of women has nothing to do with real estate investing, right? Well, believe it or not, the two correlate more than you’d think.

Having studied some of the most amazing and powerful women figures of our time, I was able to develop an inner strength & confidence to pursue a career in what is typically considered a male dominated industry, or an “old boy’s club.” (More on that in another post btw!) I learned to deny the stifling of the proverbial glass ceiling and boundaries that society has deemed normal. I am here to shatter the mold and burst through that ceiling. I want YOU to shatter this and many more molds with me.  Pave the way for future generations of women (and men) who may have always dreamed of making their mark, but lacked the confidence or support necessary to do so.

As women, we share a common bond, encounter similar struggles, and feel different societal pressures compared to our male counterparts. Let’s unite in our commonalities, endeavors, and celebrate each other today and everyday. If my blog inspires just one woman to pursue a career in real estate investing, I have done my job! And to all of the Moms, let’s raise our daughters to be confident, supportive, and strong, regardless of their path…and to always dream big.

Happy International Women’s day to all of my fellow Women! Together we unite!