For some, creating the baby nursery sanctuary – a welcoming and warm space before baby arrives – is an exciting part of the motherhood process. For me, that wasn’t the case as it became a daunting task combing through picture after picture, Pinterest pin after pin, in search of inspiration.

Before Kennedy’s arrival, the nursery was my home office, that, like many of you experience, quickly became a storage room stacked with boxes. I was SOOO not looking forward to going through each box and organizing every…Single…Piece…Of…Paper.

Box by box, paper by paper, we made it. And once we finally got it cleared out we had a blank slate to work with. First and foremost was the paint color. Kev and I debated over 2 very similar pink wall colors and finally agreeing on my choice – “Baby’s Bottom” – how fitting!

Then we replaced the original wood floors with LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank). Some of you may be questioning this design choice but let me tell ya, LVP is extremely durable and the best part about it is no scratches! In our last home we had bamboo wood floors that got completely scratched up by our dogs. I loved the low no maintenance factor of LVP.

Once the floors were completed and the walls freshly painted, the real fun began! It was time to decorate with Kennedy’s new furniture! I went for a sweet and airy feel. Keeping the color palette feminine and light with crisp whites, gold accents and bits of soft grey.

In designing this room
Initially I strived for perfection wanting everything to be just right for my little girl that I had yet to met. But with my pregnancy brain, I found myself going in circles trying to any make design decisions!

I started to just let my natural design instincts kick in and allowed that to become my guide when selecting furniture and nursery decor. But what I realized in the end was that it wasn’t about finding the perfect paint, or furniture, or wall decals, but what was perfect was the new member of our family that would soon make this room her home. And all those details – albeit fun to play with – really didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

So given all that, I am quite happy with how her nursery turned out. 😉

Let me know what you think in the comment section! Also, how did you come up with your nursery theme?