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Can you believe it? It’s already July and pretty soon School will start back up for the kiddos?! Well that doesn’t really affect me much since I have a toddler buuuuut….

Did you know July is Purposeful Parenting Month? Munchkin and MomRemod have collaborated to help celebrate this special time of the year.

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What’s Purposeful Parenting?

Purposeful parenting is all about building up positive and strong relationships between us the parents and our kids. Here are the eight steps to how you can be a purposeful parent:

Structure & Order
Responsibility & Accountability
Firmness & Fairness
Limits & Boundaries
Problem-Solving Skills
Unconditional Love

In our household we try impart fairness, consistency, structure and tons of unconditional love! Our little one seems to crave these things naturally and as a result we have a very strong bond.


How do I Purposeful Parent?

Some of the things we do together as a family create structure and consistency for our daughter. For example, we make it a point to eat Dinner together as a family.  I also try to make mealtime fun and yummy for K. Munchkin makes these really fun brightly colored plates that makes mealtime more exciting for my 20 month old. She loves to use the edge of the plate to scoop more food into her small hands. They come in a pack of 5 which is great if you have more than one child or if you have a playdate over you can serve lunch and snacks on it.  Bonus: These plates won’t break!


Munchkin also makes these super incredible stay-put suction bowls that are perfect for soups, cereal, pasta and pretty much anything you don’t want getting thrown across the room. When you have a toddler, life can be a bit unpredictable at times as they navigate the world of table etiquette. I love how these bowls really suction tight to our table! And they come in a pack of 3 in various sizes. It’s perfect when you may need a smaller bowl for snacks and a larger bowl for lunch or dinner.


MomRemod + Munchkin Celebrate Purposeful Parenting Month


We also purposeful parent by setting goals in our household. A daily goal we have is to make sure we are always offering K fresh fruit and her green smoothie. The problem we had before was the plastic snack cups and sippy cups didn’t keep her fresh berries and green smoothie cool enough- Lo and behold Munchkin came out with a brand new stainless steel line which includes the  Snack+ Stainless Steel Snack Catcher  and Miracle Stainless Steel 360° Sippy Cup!!



Some feature benefits of the  Stainless Steel Snack Catcher include:

  • Premium, stainless steel toddler snack container with lid to keep snacks
  • Fresh and soft flaps for easy food access.
  • BPA-free, top rack dishwasher safe.

Stainless Steel 360° Sippy Cup feature benefits include:

  • Premium insulated, vacuum sealed stainless steel cup keeps drinks cool for 15 hours and includes on-the- go cup lid.
  • Dentist recommended spoutless 360° degree edge allows drinking from any side of the cup. Cup automatically seals when child stops drinking to eliminate spills.
  • BPA-free, top rack dishwasher safe.

Kennedy absolutely loves drinking out of her Munchkin sippy cup and eating blueberries from her snack catcher. As a Mom I am relieved that her cut up fruit will stay fresh and cool when we go on an outing. Recently we went to the pool and brought along both her Stainless Steel Snack Catcher and Miracle Stainless Steel 360° Sippy Cup and everything stayed perfectly fresh exactly how I had packed them from home.


Munchkin also created their own stainless steel bottle drying rack. It has movable drying pegs so you can make it customizable to fit all of your items. The drying pegs also fold flat for easy storage. My favorite part is the removable drip tray that collects water in the base, away from your clean items. It can hold up to 8 bottles, pump parts, cups, utensils, you name it!


MomRemod + Munchkin Celebrate Purposeful Parenting Month

Another goal that K is working on is using utensils to eat her food with. She has shown that she is ready and very interested in feeding herself with utensils but hasn’t quite gotten the coordination down yet. These Scooper Spoons from Munchkin are great because the handles are shorter and the scoop is a bit larger which means more chances for her to get some food into her mouth on her own.


A Final Note

Parenting can be tough and these days it seems like no matter what we do we will get judged or criticized but it’s important to always do what’s in the best interest of your child and what works for your family. Purposeful parenting is simply what works for our family but by no means do I judge you or any other parent because at the end of the day we are all doing the best we can.

MomRemod + Munchkin Celebrate Purposeful Parenting Month


A special Thank you to my sponsor Munchkin for providing these fabulous mealtime items to review for MomRemod.