Hi sweet friends! Sno E. here! I’m so glad you found our site. I hope the words on these pages somehow resonate with you and you find it to be a source of inspiration, entertainment, and if you are a Design Mama like us, an overall amazing resource.

I want you to get to know me and what brought me to creating MomRemod. I also want to hear from you and what brought you to the site! I love hearing about people’s different backgrounds. I always think it is fascinating to understand where someone came from and what their upbringing was like.

Ok so here goes! 10 Facts About Me!


1. Family is everything to me.

I grew up with a very small limited amount of family. I always wished I had a big family. After having our daughter, I realized I get to create my very own little family and start new traditions that I hope one day Kennedy’s new little family will carry on. No pressure Kennedy’s future Husband.

Dad Airforce Captain

2. My Father was an Air force Captain.

Which meant we lived on Air Force bases and moved  quite a bit. I lived overseas in Seoul, Korea for a year when my family was in the military.

3. I was born in SoCal but grew up in the South.

Even though I was raised in Florida and Georgia, My heart always told me this was home. I do not have a southern accent now but when I first moved back to Southern California everyone I met asked where I was from.

4. I suffer from anxiety/depression.

Some days are worse than others but I am learning to cope with it. For those of you who are suffering, you are not alone and there is help if you just look for it. I dealt with a lot of nervousness, self-consciousness and perfectionism. I always saw things in black and white and right and wrong. Now I know there is a lot of grey.

5. I grew up going to church and was baptized when I was 9 years old.

My faith is important to me and our family. I give all of the credit to him who is always looking out for me and my family. I am by no means perfect but I try to live my life according to his word.

6. I was diagnosed with Celiac.

This year I became Gluten free due to my allergy symptoms getting worse. It was to the point where I was getting eczema on my legs and arms. My belly was so distended that I looked 9 months pregnant even though I was 9 months postpartum! My anxiety was at an all time high too. All of these events led me to getting to the root of the problem by seeing a Gastroenterologist who diagnosed my autoimmune disease..

7. I blog for a creative release.

I started blogging because during my 9 months of pregnancy I found myself constantly updating family members with a long email and photos of how my pregnancy was going and realizing that I may have enjoyed it a little more than them! I started my blog about 2 months after giving birth and found it to be a creative outlet for me. The more I learned about blogging the more I fell in love.

First House BEFORE

8. Our first home was a fixer.

I always dreamt about buying my first fixer house in SoCal where I lived. 4 years  later, I finally did! Albeit a horrorshow fixer, it was our home.

9. I was a “late bloomer.”

Socially awkward may be a better fit. I never felt like I fit in and growing up I was oftentimes painfully shy. Somehow that all changed when I moved out on my own at 18 years old and ventured West to California. I never looked back.

10. I’m obsessed with remodeling, houses, and design.

While in college I watched a ton of HGTV and always felt inspired. I started tackling projects around our house and that is when IT all started for me.


And now that you know “more about me,” what are some of your interests? If you are looking for a fun diy project, How to Travel with an Infant, A quick and Easy Recipe, or Design and Decor inspo, you’ve come to the right place.

I’d love to get to know YOU better. Leave a comment below sharing something fun or funny about yourself or just say “hi” if you’d like! You can always connect with Em and I on Instagram, or Pinterest See ya soon!