MomRemod is a blog largely inspired by my daughter Kennedy. I found myself constantly writing updates about our new life, emailing photos to family, friends, other mothers and basically anyone who was willing to listen to my discoveries as a new mom. I realized that writing about my new life was a way to feel connected to others – and have some fun doing it. Here’s the catch: becoming a mom instantly inducts you into this “secret society.” Just like many other elusive secret societies, not many speak of it, but it’s one of the greatest perks of entering into motherhood.

Being able to instantly relate to a stranger by way of having a child as the common thread is like nothing else. Uncountable times I would encounter another mom with her child and as we passed by one we would give a simple nod of “knowing” – a virtual “secret handshake” if you will.

Case in point, the other day the entire family went shopping when Kennedy fell sound asleep in her stroller as I was perusing the clothes racks.  Another Mom stopped and said with an all knowing smile,“This is a good time to get some shopping in without feeling the guilt” as she was referring to my peacefully sleeping baby. Mom guilt is very much a real thing. I’ve experienced it in so many capacities and I have to say that, yes, some of it has to do with my own self doubt. But a lot of it comes from societal pressures. The expectations that we must meet as new moms quickly begins to wear you down – physically, mentally and emotionally. It takes a strong mind to not allow outside opinions affect how you will raise your child.  I quickly found that what is best for my daughter is that her mom is healthy (mentally and physically) so that I can take care of her. If I am too run down, I am unable to provide for my daughter in a time when her life literally relies on me. So I work to stay strong and give love at any opportunity available. 

Any way, I have much much more to say and more to share, and I hope that you’ll fall in love with my blog and keep up with me and my family’s adventures as I navigate through motherhood all while running a real estate business.

Until next time, be well and love your children!