MomRemod and Schmidt's Natural Deodorant is having a GIVEAWAY for one lucky winner! You will win a Travel 5 pack of Schmidt's Deodorants. Head over to MomRemod to see how to enter!

It’s GIVEAWAY TIME! MomRemod has partnered up with Schmidt’s to host it’s very first GIVEAWAY!!! Can you tell how excited I am? I love free stuff. Who doesn’t? If you haven’t heard of Schmidt’s deodorant before they have been  featured on The Today show, Allure magazine and a favorite of Celebs like Alicia Silverstone and John Sally

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As you all know I attended one of the largest health conventions for natural products. For a recap you can check out my experience here. Just a little backstory, I’ve been on a quest searching high and low, near and far for the BEST natural deodorant out there. I was so disappointed in what was available. Some deodorants would only work for a few days and then just stop working all together. Others would not even work for one day. Unfortunately going au natural is not an option for me and if I did my Hubby would definitely say something to me! Tmi, but I became desperate to find a natural deodorant that worked!

And then that is when Schmidt’s deodorant entered my life or I guess I entered there’s, either way, I was given a few samples to try and while I’ve heard of them before, (all good things!) but I’m one of those skeptic try before you buy types.
I first tried their Rose Vanilla stick deodorant. The scent was the smell of fresh cut roses with a very subtle hint of vanilla.
I applied it and it glided on so soft and smooth. But then the real test came when I went to my hour long workout class.
Nothing. I still smelled of fresh cut roses and sweet vanilla. I was IN LOVE.

Schmidt's deodorant
I didn’t want to get too excited yet so I made sure to keep using the same deodorant and am happy to report I’ve been a walking bouquet of roses for the past month!

Schmidt’s also makes so many other great scents so if smelling like a floral arrangement is not your thing, fear not, there are more masculine gender neutral scents that will appeal to really anybody.

So after all of this raving and singing it’s praises, I think it would only be fair to provide you a promo code so you can experience the same amazing-ness that I have! If you order from Schmidt’s  and enter Promo Code MOMREMOD you’ll receive free shipping within the US!

Schmidt's deodorant
But wait…there’s more! I chatted with my new friends at Schmidt’s and we have partnered up to do a giveaway of their 5 pack travel size deodorants!! You’ll get to try out all of their most popular scents and see which one you like best. I love travel size anything because this means you can easily store one in your beach/diaper/purse/bag or give away one to your workout partner, friend, S.O. and I don’t know about you but we have a couple of summer family trips planned and these sizes will fit so fabulously in our luggage.

So to enter the giveaway, start by heading over to my Instagram page and follow a few simple steps. Click Here to Enter the GIVEAWAY!

Good luck!!