Hey Guys! I can barely contain myself that MomRemod is actually LIVE! And I’m so humbled to be able to share it all with you. What is “it” you may ask? Great question…well, the goal of this blog — scratch that — this is not just “a blog.” The vision for MomRemod is to evolve into a valuable resource for virtually anyone who has love for motherhood, DIY Projects, Home Decor, Real Estate and just about anything in between. Hence our tagline, “Motherhood meets Neighborhood.”

Because the reality is, this is wh12568759_221642964847184_1668205486_no I am. I’m Sno E., a brand spankin’ new mother of adorable 2 month old (now 16 months old!)  Kennedy Faye, wife, as well as real estate entrepreneur. At first glance motherhood and real estate may not sound like they go together like PB&J, in fact they appear to be more like oil and water. But I’m here to show ya how
they do work together. I can’t tell you how many times I take what I learn as a mother and use it in my real estate dealings – and vice versa.

Between these pages, upcoming posts, featured guests, giveaways, and plenty more I have in store, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it ;-). But this is a two-way street. I need your input as well. So either comment on this post below or head on over to the Contact page to reach out. We here at MomRemod want this to be the most entertaining and useful resource in your bookmarks!

And if you want you can learn more about me here!

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