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MomRemod | Jan. 2020

Check out This Boulder Mansion’s Before + After

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Em and I gutted this outdated brown palace. The cabinets, the tile, the finishes were all in need of updating and design. The views at this particular house were stunning, but were unfortunately overshadowed by the existing style choices. We saw this as an incredible opportunity to bring in our expertise and creative eye and give this home the TLC it needed while still keeping true to a more classic style of architecture. Check out our before + afters of the Bathroom and Kitchen. By the end of this renovation, we felt it was a complete success! We accomplished what we set out to do and kept on schedule (which rarely happens in the renovation World!). Do you like the Old World patterned ceramic tile backsplash and shower walls? Comment below and let us know what you think!

The before was a Brown on brown on brown bathroom that lacked serious style.

Deep soaking tub with jets, beautiful calming blue ceramic tile and floor to ceiling glass shower enclosure creates the perfect spa like Master Bathroom.

Modern grey cabinetry paired with a white quartz countertop and brushed gold hardware gives this bathroom a classic yet contemporary feel.

Lots of outdated oak wood in this Boulder Kitchen.

Gorgeous classic white cabinetry with top of the line appliances and beautiful old world patterned tile backsplash to complete this Gorgeous Kitchen Remodel.


Before & After

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I think I speak for just about everyone when I say I LOVE before-and-after photos. It’s so gratifying to see the side-by-side comparison, monumental changes and massive visual improvement. But what’s often overlooked is that little word “and” that nestles between “before” and “after.” What that little word represents is the hard work, tireless hours and foresight it took to actually make that change a reality. Whether it’s a body transformation from a diet and exercise regimen or a structural and design renovation that happens to a house, there is always a ton of effort that goes unseen.

Mom Remod

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Hey Guys! We can barely contain ourselves that MomRemod is actually LIVE! And we are so humbled to be able to share it all with you. What is “it” you may ask? Great question…well, the goal of this blog — scratch that — this is not just “a blog.” The vision for MomRemod is to evolve into a valuable resource for virtually anyone who has a love for motherhood, DIY Projects, Home Decor, Real Estate and just about anything in between. Hence our tagline, “Motherhood meets Neighborhood.”


MomRemod + Bamboobies G I V E A W A Y!

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I can still remember the early days as a brand new Mommy to Kennedy Faye. The around the clock & late night feedings, early mornings, and sleep deprivation. It was more than just tough, it was a privilege. Being a Mom and being able to supply my little one with the perfect nutrition was a superpower I possessed. And while I am proud of being able to bond with my precious girl I can’t deny the fact that I had a lot of modern day conveniences that our Moms and even Moms today in many places around the World do not get to experience.


More “About Me”

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Hi sweet friends! Sno E. here! I’m so glad you found our site. I hope the words on these pages somehow resonate with you and you find it to be a source of inspiration, entertainment, and if you are a Design Mama like us, an overall amazing resource.

I want you to get to know me and what brought me to creating MomRemod. I also want to hear from you and what brought you to the site! I love hearing about people’s different backgrounds. I always think it is fascinating to understand where someone came from and what their upbringing was like.

Ok so here goes! 10 Facts About Me!



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It’s GIVEAWAY TIME! MomRemod has partnered up with Schmidt’s to host it’s very first GIVEAWAY!!! Can you tell how excited I am? I love free stuff. Who doesn’t? If you haven’t heard of Schmidt’s deodorant before they have been  featured on The Today show, Allure magazine and a favorite of Celebs like Alicia Silverstone and John Sally


Spring Cleaning: How To Clean A Carseat + GIVEAWAY!

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How to Clean a Carseat

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get out your mops and buckets!  Just kidding!  You know I am not big into cleaning because let’s be real, when do Moms have any time to do this? Here’s the catch though, it’s gotta get done. And someone has to do it, right? I cringe every time I put my sweet little baby girl in her carseat because just the thought of how many germs are lurking within her carseat alone is sickening. So sickening that there are studies to prove some carseats are more germ-filled than a public bathroom! Ewww! So I was pretty clueless on how I would give it a deep clean, the kind of sanitizing deep cleaning it needs. Until….