So if you haven’t heard, Expo West is one of the LARGEST natural food and products expo in the U.S.!  I love attending it to see and try out all of the latest and greatest in natural health and beauty products that are about to hit the market. It was so much fun checking out the vendors’ displays and it seems each year just gets bigger and better!


Dad and K



We took Kennedy in with us on the first day just so she could also take part in all of the action.  Of course our Ergo 360 came in handy since we could face her outwards to see everything. On the second day we dropped her off at the convention’s daycare! It was such a nice amenity that Expo West thought of for us working parents who can’t always secure a sitter or family member to watch our littles on the weekend.






As you all know I became Gluten Free this year due to allergies so I was super stoked about how many companies have amazing Gluten Free options. It’s so exciting when you can go to normal stores and restaurants and be able to purchase or order anything you want. I always hated feeling uncomfortable or being the one person who couldn’t eat at a particular restaurant so the whole group would have to find another location or leave me out of their plans, or I could just sit there and watch them eat.






I thought this was super cute! Coconut milk and Coconut water is so amazing for  keeping you hydrated during the hotter months with all of its extra natural electrolytes.





Momremod-Expo West


And of course Kennedy had to be our taste tester when it came to the baby snacks! I don’t think she mind at all though.






Lassig makes the most durable and functional diaper bags I’ve ever seen! The fact that they are eco friendly is just a bonus.






We love ECOS cleaning products! They had such a fun retro photo booth to celebrate their 50th year in business.





More photos I took from the show!

Expo WestExpo West


Expo West

We met with a lot of our blog partners and sponsors and of course picked up a bunch of freebies to try. WE love trying out new products and being one of the first to share it with you guys. I’m so excited for our upcoming giveaways. I know you are gonna love what we have in store for you.

Until next time MomRemoders!

xx,Sno E.-Momremod