How to Clean a Carseat

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get out your mops and buckets!  Just kidding!  You know I am not big into cleaning because let’s be real, when do Moms have any time to do this? Here’s the catch though, it’s gotta get done. And someone has to do it, right? I cringe every time I put my sweet little baby girl in her carseat because just the thought of how many germs are lurking within her carseat alone is sickening. So sickening that there are studies to prove some carseats are more germ-filled than a public bathroom! Ewww! So I was pretty clueless on how I would give it a deep clean, the kind of sanitizing deep cleaning it needs. Until….

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I came across a car seat cleaning service called The Tot Squad. Um hello, million dollar idea! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? The creator/founder Jen Saxton, is so brilliant for coming up with this business model and I was so excited when they offered myself and one of my lucky readers a chance to experience their service.

What’s The Tot Squad?

Not only do they clean carseats, strollers, baby gear, but The Tot Squad also offers repair and safety installation! Literally a one stop shop. Speaking of shop, they host public events throughout the week at various locations such as grocery stores where you can get some shopping done while getting your carseat/stroller detailed! Or if you are more interested in private cleaning sessions they offer a concierge service where they will come to you! You could totally host a playdate/cleaning party!

How to clean a carseatHow to clean a car seat

The Before

I am so embarrassed to post this pic and show the whole world wide web just how dirty I let K’s carseat get but you know yours probably looks worse  similar to mine. Anyway, given how dirty our carseat was I went with the “Lotta Love” package because this was definitely not a “Basic” job.

how to clean a carseat

The Process

The Tot  Squad made it so simple for me. I simply pulled up to their table in front of the grocery store and was greeted by a sweet woman named Karen who removed the carseat and had me fill out a one sheet with my contact info so she could text me when my carseat was ready for pickup.

How to clean a carseat     How to clean a carseat

I left and about half an hour later got a text saying that my carseat was done! I couldn’t believe how quickly it was ready.  I slowly pulled up to the same spot as before and this time Karen had a blue clipboard with a checklist that she went through to confirm everything was cleaned and that the carseat was properly re-installed. I loved how thorough The Tot Squad was in double checking their work! During re-installation she explained to me how important it was that the belts are installed correctly and to make sure to adjust the recline on our carseat based on my daughter’s weight. I also shared with her how I   nervous I was about the 1 inch rule. She informed me that the 1 inch rule means that the carseat should not have more than one inch of movement at the belt path. Any movement at the far end of the car seat from the belt path is natural and helps with the absorption of energy in the event of a crash.


Ok so are You ready for the big reveal?


The After

how to clean a carseat

TA-DA!! Like magic, no crumb was left unturned!

So since I was able to experience such an incredible service, I want you to be able to have a chance to experience this for yourself too. I’ve partnered with The Tot Squad and we are selecting one lucky winner to have their car seat or stroller deep cleaned and sanitized by their crew!! Connect with me on my Instagram page here to see how to enter this Giveaway!

Good luck!!